The pottery work of the California artist Lodema the Potter is found in private collections across America, in Asia and in Europe. The style of her work has started a renaissance in the pottery world where once again rich decorations cover the very functional clay wares of everyday living. There are some who argue that pottery is a skilled craft, but it is certainly agreed that what Lodema puts on her clay pieces brings that craft into the realm of fine art.
After college training in San Diego, Lodema has spent over three decades as a professional artist. Her early career as a commercial artist gave her the invaluable training in sketch and design that created the needed discipline of making art and design fit cohesively in the rigid requirements dictated by the exigencies of space and shape in pottery.

Her studio is a rustic setting of gardens and chickens on a bluff in the Hayward hills with a commanding view of the Bay Area below. Little wonder that the designs on her pieces reflect the Earth (flowers, birds, clouds, mountains, trees) and the symbols in her frieze-like patterns (Celtic, Native American, Germanic) reveal an ordered abstraction of life itself.
A woman or rippling laughter, Lodema never does an art showing unless it's fun. Her pottery is most often seen in historic reenactment settings for which she has created pieces to match the era and mood of the event. Her creative grasp of the techniques of her medium together with her intermingled use of a variety of clays and glazes have created effects on her works that many university schools of ceramics have considered impossible to achieve. Her functional works embody a unique beauty in its oneness with clay and design.
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